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Welcome to Medical Spa Virtual Receptionist, where we're more than just an medical answering service!  We're an extension of your team!  Tired of missed leads and lost revenue because your front desk missed the call or can't convert calls to booked consults?  Or... maybe you're short-staffed and don't want to hire someone in-house to just to answer phones and follow-up on leads? 

Well, you're in luck!  

Med Spa Communications might just be the solution you never knew you needed!  Keep reading to learn why...

Our 100% US-based team of Medical Spa Receptionists and Appointment Setters are experts in the industry.  Each have been hand selected and trained specifically for Medical Spas and Aesthetic Practices. Led by April Iannazzone, our team is rigorously trained and tested on:

  • FAQs of the most common medical spa services
  • lead follow-up 
  • and  the specific details about YOUR practice and YOUR promotions

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients.  That's exactly  why we provide you with a dedicated account manager who will be your main point of contact.  Additionally, you will have a dedicated team of 2-5 live receptionists trained specifically on your scripts, campaigns, and promotions.  This dedicated small team ensures that we're simply an extension of your in-house team rather than a random appointment setting company.

Here's how a virtual receptionist can help your aesthetic practice become more profitable:

  • INCREASE REVENUE:  A virtual receptionist can help increase revenue by scheduling appointments efficiently and capturing new leads through personalized service and follow-up calls.
  • REDUCE NO-SHOWS: A virtual receptionist can reduce missed appointments by providing reminder and confirmation calls, which can reduce no-shows and increase revenue.
  • SAVE LABOR COSTS: A virtual receptionist is a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house receptionist, saving your medical spa money on salaries, benefits, and training costs.
  • IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY:  A virtual receptionist can improve productivity by freeing up staff time to focus on core business activities such as providing quality care and developing marketing strategies.
  • OPTIMIZING CALL HANDLING PROCESS:  A virtual receptionist can provide detailed call reports and insights, helping you optimize call handling processes and improve customer service.

Communication is key!  We offer weekly check-in meetings  with your dedicated account manager during the first month. After that, we'll have monthly check-ins to ensure we're meeting your needs and delivering exceptional results.

It's time to say goodbye to missed leads and lost revenue!  Let our live receptionists help you transform your Aesthetic Practice and take it to the next level. 

Overall, a medical appointment scheduling company can provide many benefits to your Med Spa!  For instance, improved patient experience, increased efficiency, and even keeping more $$ in your bank account.  

When you partner with Med Spa Communications you'll seamlessly streamline your aesthetic practice's operations.  As a result, you can give 100% focus to providing the best possible care and delivering exceptional results for your patients.


Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Receptionists for Aesthetic Practices

What is a virtual receptionist for medical spas and aesthetic practices?

A virtual receptionist for medical spas and aesthetic practices is a remote worker who is trained to provide phone support, appointment scheduling, and customer service on behalf of the business.

How does a virtual receptionist for medical spas and aesthetic practices work?

A live receptionist for medical spas and aesthetic practices works remotely, using technology such as a phone system, computer, and internet connection to handle incoming calls, schedule appointments, and handle administrative tasks. They are trained to represent your business in a professional and knowledgeable manner.


What are the benefits of using a virtual receptionist for medical spas and aesthetic practices?

There are several benefits a for med spa or aesthetic practices can enjoy.  These benefits include increased productivity, reduced costs, improved customer service, and increased revenue. With a virtual receptionist handling phone calls and administrative tasks, medical spas can focus on providing quality care to their clients.


Can a virtual receptionist for medical spas and aesthetic practices handle specialized tasks?

Yes, a virtual receptionist for medical spas and aesthetic practices can handle specialized tasks such as appointment scheduling, answering customer inquiries, and providing information about services.

Are virtual receptionists for medical spas and aesthetic practices available 24/7?

Depending on the service provider, virtual receptionists for medical spas and aesthetic practices may be available 24/7 or during specific business hours. It's important to discuss your business's specific needs with the service provider to ensure they can accommodate your requirements.

How do I choose a virtual receptionist service provider for my medical spa or aesthetic practice?

When choosing a virtual receptionist service provider for your medical spa or aesthetic practice, consider factors such as their experience in the industry, pricing, availability, and customer reviews. It's also important to ask about their training process and the level of customization they can offer to ensure they are equipped to handle your business's specific needs.

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